How to find the best 265/70R17 winter tires for your SUV

265/70R17 winter tires

Finding tires of the right dimension is important, you have to have tires that fit your SUV and also are adapted to the environment. The tires have to able to handle the terrain that you plan to drive in, but also the weather conditions. If you are planning to drive off-road and not only drive on paved roads, then you will need to make sure that the tires are durable enough to handle that. You probably want to have aramid-reinforced sidewalls, to protect against sharp objects and rocks. They also protect against hitting curbs while parking to ensure that you have durable tires even if you drive within the cities or on highways. You also need to have the correct tires for the weather conditions, so that you have all-season tires when it is warm and winter tires when it is below freezing unless you choose all-weather tires.


Finding new 265/70R17 winter tires that can handle winter conditions isn’t difficult. All winter tires are approved for winter use. You can also choose 265/70R17 all-weather tires that are approved for winter use for safe driving during the winter. When you drive an SUV during the winter, you do need either SUV winter tires or SUV all-weather tires as SUV all-season tires are not safe enough. They have the wrong tread pattern for snow, ice and slush as it has been optimized for warm summer roads with occasional rain.


If you use winter tires, then you will have your all-season tires during the warm seasons and then change to the winter tires before the winter weather arrives. This will give you the best performance and safety throughout the year. It does however require that you mount the tires early enough so that you have them on your vehicle when the first snow arrives.


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