Top 5 Most Loved Window Tint by Customers

The importance of window tinting in Tuscaloosa AL is obvious: it blocks the sun’s harmful rays, improves privacy, and reduces glare. However, it doesn’t end there. Glare from the sun can also have a negative impact on comfort and productivity. It can block the view and distract from work or recreation. Thankfully, window tinting in Miami FL can help block both heat and glare and significantly improve your quality of life.

Protects you from harmful UV rays

The sun’s UV rays affect our interiors and skin. Approximately 90 per cent of all skin cancer is related to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Window films block up to 40% of these rays. The same film also helps protect the furnishings and woodwork in our homes. By blocking the sun’s harmful rays, window film is a great way to preserve those items while still allowing light to enter our homes.

Blocks glare

Not only does window tinting help you look better, but it can also protect your electronics. A car stereo system can be highly vulnerable to break-ins, so window tinting can help prevent this from happening. It can even help avoid smash-and-grab thefts. Window tinting films can help hold shards of auto glass together when they break. Additionally, it keeps you from getting distracted by the sun’s glare while driving.

Increases privacy

In many homes, large open windows are the standard. Many homeowners like the effect of natural light, but it can also disrupt the view, drive up energy bills, and even fade furnishings. The solution? Home window tinting. Installing tinted window film is a simple, affordable way to improve privacy while preserving the view. Read on for five more reasons why window tinting is so beneficial. And, remember, window tinting is entirely optional.

Films that increase privacy are often darker than those used for solar control. These films tend to have a high degree of exterior reflectivity. You may not want to use solar control films if you dislike the appearance of shiny windows. However, privacy is guaranteed during daylight hours only. The most prominent light sources in rooms are overhead lights and lamps. Even if tinted glass makes a room darker during the day, it will still be somewhat visible at night. Consider installing shades or other coverings for your windows if you desire total privacy.

Do want more information about window tints? Read the infographic below from Kepler: