Ways to take care of your window tints

How to take care of your window tints? It seems easy enough but often we put a lot of emphasis on how to take care of our house and its furnishings but forget about our windows. The tints in the windows add character to the interiors and make them more beautiful to view. It is true that we can get the same effect for our curtains, carpets and wall papers but the window tints add an extra zest to these things and thus, they are the first thing that should be given importance when it comes to the proper care of your home.


If you want to learn how to take care of your tints, you need to be aware of how and what causes them to fade. The tints are made up of a film, which is thin and transparent, and these films are very fragile. They are not meant to be exposed to the weather like the curtains and carpets so they are usually placed in rooms which are either poorly ventilated or exposed to sunlight for long durations. In such rooms, care must be taken to ensure that they are not exposed to the harshness of the sun’s rays.


In order to care for your window tints, you must first know what exactly they are. The term ‘tab tints’ refers to tinted glass, which are often used in restaurants, bars, industrial units, schools, hospitals etc as they help reduce the glare coming from the open spaces. These are especially used on outdoor buildings like sports clubs, public areas, parks etc where visibility is important. The common misconception is that such glass are used for decorative purposes but the fact is that they have a practical use and they are also helpful in protecting the human eyes from UV rays.


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