Overpopulation happens when the number of people living in an environment exceeds more than the supposed quantity. It can occur when there is no birth control that the authorities provide to their netizens or the citizens themselves are not applying obedience to the ordinance regarding contraception methods.

Family planning is an essential thing that one man and one woman must have before building their household. The importance of preparation is to know the desires of one another. Through understanding what your other half wants, there is discipline and respect. The lesser arguments and financial problems there will be.

The sad reality is that several women who are victims of rape cases are giving birth as well. Despite these cases, a child is still a blessing to a woman—no matter what the circumstance is.

Therefore, disciplining an individual to put wastes in trash bins instead of the river properly is compulsory. Adults must teach and apply to segregate wastes too for the sake of the children’s future. Since the more people live within an environment, the more fossil fuels are burning.

Coal, crude oil, and natural gas are all fossil fuels. These substances are what an individual needs to survive; nevertheless, these gases have high carbon content—which means it can create a hole in the ozone layer. For this reason, there is an ongoing climate change up until now; the more natural disasters will happen.

The most common force of nature is a storm. Typhoons can happen no matter where you are or enormous a country is. Once the Eye of a thunderstorm hits, evacuation is a priority.

Vehicles are proficient when it comes to evacuating, considering it is easier and faster. Howbeit, too much velocity can lead to car crashes and other sorts of accidents, especially when the road is slippery.

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