The best winter tyre options for your vehicle

We all probably want the best tyre option for our vehicle, but we might have money constraints or not know all the options. It tends to be a cheaper option to pay a bit more for your tyres than trying to purchase some cheaper tyres and then having to change tyres more often to a new set. In addition cheaper tyres will have higher rolling resistance, which leads to higher fuel costs, so you will almost certainly spend more money over time. In addition you are more likely to be in an accident. So when it comes to tyres, don’t select based on price. Take the tyres that you believe will be best for your vehicle and have the right properties for your area. When it comes to winter tyres the safety, performance and control will be crucial. Check tyre tests to see what tyres perform the best in similar conditions as you have in your area.

If studded winter tyres are allowed in your area, then you have to decide if they will be better for you than the non-studded tyres. It isn’t always an easy choice as you might have better grip, especially on ice with studded tyres, but you have more flexibility with non-studded tyres. When it comes to overall performance and safety they will be very similar if you select tyres from one of the top winter tyre manufacturers. This should always be your first choice. Then make sure that you mount them before the winter weather arrives.

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