Flight traffic might decrease and car travel increase

All countries have been affected by the pandemic and will continue to be so as restrictions will be lifted still for months to come. This will have major impacts on travel between areas and countries. It might not be feasible with social distancing in airplanes and do you want to be locked into a plane with a few others for a few hours and also queuing for check-in, security, maybe immigration and then boarding just to get onto the plane. This might lead more people to take their own car when the vacation time arrives.

More people might also opt to not leave their countries and explore what their own countries has to offer. The summer vacation is important for getting some time together with the family and despite that people might have been locked-up at home with their families, the vacation time is more getting away from home, getting some new experiences and valuable free time. A lot of people have been negatively impacted by the situation, so it might be that there is less money to spend this year for a vacation and a vacation by car can be a cheaper way to travel.

It is important that you make sure that the car is in good condition and that you have safe and good car tyres, since it is a summer vacation you will have summer tyres on your car. You might also have all-weather tyres, which are ok also during summers, just make sure that they are rotated to keep the wear between the rear and front tyres is evened out. You should check that you have more than 4mm tread depths and preferably much more than that if you are going on a long vacation drive. You don’t want to start looking for new tyres during a vacation trip and you don’t want to have any problems during your drive that can ruin your vacation and make it much more expensive.

Gasoline is cheaper at the moment, due the lower oil prices, which is keeping your costs down during your drive to the vacation destination.  Make sure that the tyre pressure is as it should be before you start, but also during your trip. Low tyre pressure leads to higher tyre wear and increased fuel consumption. Both these can make your drive more expensive, both as you drive and the need to replace the tyres earlier need to be replaced prematurely.

Make sure to adjust your speed if you run into heavy rain or very wet roads. Plan the trip well in advance and plan for unexpected stops and also try to find beautiful scenery or interesting spots along the way that could be worth a visit. Too long driving stretches can make the drive boring, but it does get you faster to your end destination. If you plan to do it, it is good to have at least two drivers in the car so that you can alternate and also that you have someone to talk to throughout the drive so that you can stay awake.

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