The advantages of using studded tyres

When it comes to winter tyres, you might wonder why you should choose studded tyres and what are the advantages of them. Basically, nothing handles better on winter road than studded winter tyres. One main advantage is that if your car or SUV is equipped with studded tyres, then you don’t have use chains on your vehicle if you pass through mountainous regions. You can also always drive safely in winter conditions. This is a great advantage if you ever tried to place chains on your car, as then you would know what I am talking about. Usually conditions that require chains are the exact conditions where you don’t want to leave your nice warm car to go outside in the snow and cold to place chains on your vehicle. This can now easily be avoided if studded tyres are allowed in your country.

If you are living in an area where you have very icy conditions or constantly changing weather conditions that often require chains, then studded tyres are a real advantage. If you ever have driven with chains, then you have experienced the significant level of vibrations that occur, in comparison driving with studded tyres which feel just like driving with normal tyres but with the advantage of having full control of your vehicle even in heavy snow and ice.

Studded tyres are a real advantage when driving up mountain slopes during the winter months. In general, when you are at high elevations with lots of snow your only options for traction is either chains or studded tyres. If living in an area like this, it would be of great advantage to have studded tyres. There have been significant advances in studded tyre technologies, and the newer studs offer a better fuel economy as well and a much smoother ride versus the older tyre versions.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 studded tyres are adapted to handle all kinds of extreme weather conditions and makes use of the new Eco Stud 9 Concept. This is a new more modern stud which reduces road wear as well as noise. With the Eco Stud cushion dampening the road contact as the air space in the middle of the lower flange reducing the stud’s impact. This along with the deep snow grooves on the shoulder provides maximal grip when moving onto deep snow. This makes for a very enjoyable driving experience during the winter before you change to summer tyres.

Some of the other benefits of having invested in high quality winter tyres is improved braking, traction and safety. The studded winter tyres stop much faster than either all-season or all-weather tyres. This is because of the extra grip which maximizes traction, with the studs even more so. Winter tyres are made of a flexible rubber compound as well as a unique tread design that is meant to be used on ice, snow and slush. This ensures that you can drive safely, with great comfort and control during the winter months.

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